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Houston's Real Gang Threat
The Gang Threat
How Big is the Problem?

The FBI says that "gangs are morphing, multiplying, migrating and entrenching themselves in our inner cities, suburbs and rural communities. They are selling drugs to our kids, shooting up our neighborhoods, invading our homes, robbing our banks and stores, stealing our identities, our money, and instilling fear and violence everywhere they go." 

They are violent and are responsible for committing crimes from assaults to murder using firearms, machetes, fists and blunt objects to intimidate rivals, law enforcement, and the general public. 

They are sprawling our highways, the Internet, and our communities intimidating and infecting all they come in contact with. In some communities, they are responsible for as much as a staggering 80 percent of all crimes.  

The National Alliance of Gang Investigators Association (NAGIA) states "The scourge of gangs is a clear and present danger to our internal national security and adversely impacts the quality of life within our communities with violence, drugs and associated criminal activities." 

​Dangerous Criminal Gang Activity and Violence is Getting Worse

There are about 20,000 violent street, motorcycle and prison gangs in the U.S. today containing approximately one million criminally active members - 147,000 of which are currently incarcerated in federal, state, and local correctional facilities.

While not all gangs are sophisticated and well organized, they all use violence to control neighborhoods and perpetuate their illegal money-making activities. Gangs have also become the primary retail distributors of most illicit drugs. 

Types of Criminal Activities Gang Members Commit

alien smuggling 
armed robbery 
auto theft 
human trafficking
Internet scams
Car Jacking s
drive-by shootings 
drug trafficking 
firearms offenses 
home invasions 
identity theft 
insurance fraud 
mortgage fraud 
prostitution rings 
weapons trafficking

Gangs continue to pose a growing serious threat to public safety in many communities throughout the Houston area and the United States.

Gangs Are Not Just an Inner City or Urban Problem, they are reaching into the quiet safe communities, as leaders move up making more money affording better living conditions and finding money rich pot holes.  More money to fund crime sprees.

Other reasons include an effort to expand the gang's influence, expanding drug distribution territories, recruiting new members, hiding from law enforcement, and escaping other gangs. As a result, many suburban and rural communities are experiencing ever increasing gang-related crime and violence because of expanding gang influence. 

The movement of gang members to suburban areas result in territorial conflicts between rival gang members and competition for the new territory - suburbia. As gangs grow regionally and nationally, they will continue to meet with resistance by other gangs possibly resulting in drive-by shootings, homicides and other violent crimes - now in suburban communities.

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